臭气熏天却不自知? 日本发明体臭检测器“庄闲和官网”

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本文摘要:Body odor is a very serious issue, so serious in fact that there is actually a market for high-tech devices that alert users if they start to stink.体臭是相当严重的一个难题,实际上,必须警示客户否有体臭的新科技产品還是一挺有销售市场的。


Body odor is a very serious issue, so serious in fact that there is actually a market for high-tech devices that alert users if they start to stink.体臭是相当严重的一个难题,实际上,必须警示客户否有体臭的新科技产品還是一挺有销售市场的。The problem with body odor is that you cant really smell it on yourself, and in an exceptionally polite society like Japans that can put people in uncomfortable situations.体臭的难题取决于,你言不到自身的身上的味儿,而日本那样一个重视文明礼貌的我国,这不容易将别人放置困境。Carrying a bottle of deodorant on you at all times during the summer is quite common in Japan, but putting on too much of that stuff too often can irritate the skin or stain clothing, so its not exactly a fool-proof solution.在夏季随时随地装车一瓶除味剂日本是非常少见的,可是过度频烦地用以除味剂不容易性兴奋肌肤或搞脏衣服裤子,因此 这并并不是万全之策。If only we had a way of knowing when we smell, and how bad... Thankfully, Japanese wellness device maker Tanita just unveiled its newest creation, a handheld smell checker that analyzes body odor and ranks its intensity on a scale of 1 to 10.如果大家能告知自身否在弥漫着体臭及其有多臭就好了……所幸日本国保健设备生产商百利约刚开售了一款最近发明人--一款手执体臭检测器,必须剖析体臭并说明体臭水平(一共10级)。

Called the ES-100, Tanitas smell-sensing device was inspired by the companys range of alcohol breath analyzers. They basically adapted their technology to check for odor-producing particulate matter instead of alcohol and the ES-100 was born.百利约的这个起名叫ES-100的体臭检测器的启迪来源于该企业的乙醇呼吸检查仪。她们对检测酒精的技术性保证了改进,用其来检验造成体臭的颗粒,ES-100就是这样面世了。This thing is super-easy to use. Just flip it open and point the built-in sensor toward the problematic areas of your body. It reportedly takes about 10 seconds for the handheld device to collect and analyze data, after which it will display a numerical result on its small LED display.这个体臭检测器用以一起非常便捷。


要是合上它,将内嵌感应器的那一头冲着有可能弥漫着体臭的人体部位才可。据报道,这款手执检测器只务必10秒左右就能收集和分析数据,并在小小LED显示器上说明出有数据結果。0 means you dont smell, 1 to 4 are acceptable levels of body odor, 5 to 9 should really have you concerned, and I assume a 10 means youre a walking biohazard.0意味着你没体臭,1到4是能够拒不接受的体臭,5到9是令人堪忧的体臭,10大概意味著你是行车的微生物生态危机。

Interestingly, the Tanita ES-100 doesnt work just for naturally occurring body odor, but also for cologne. So if you feel that too much cologne is just as bad as the musky smell of perspiration, you can use the handheld device to check if youve overdone it with the perfume.有趣的是,百利约ES-100不但对纯天然体臭合理地,并且还对古龙香水合理地。假如你确实喷过多古龙香水和汗臭一样不舒服,你也可以用这款手执机器设备来检验你否喷出来了过度多古龙香水。Tanita said that it expects the ES-100 smell checker to be really popular with salary men in their 40s and 50s, the ages at which statistics show men start to be more concerned about their potential bad body odor.百利达称,它期待ES-100体臭检测器不容易遭受四五十岁的男士工薪族的亲睐,数据统计说明,这一年龄层的男士刚开始焦虑自身有可能释放出刺鼻的体臭。

However, the Japanese company adds that the device could be very useful for other categories as well, like people who want to make sure body odor doesnt ruin their date, or those who work in close proximity to other people.但是,百利约补充讲到,该机器设备对别的群体也十分简易,例如这些要想确保体臭会烧毁幽会的人,也有这些办公环境务必和别人近距了解的人。The ES-100 was commercially launched on July 1st, with pricing being left up to retailers.ES-100月末七月一日发售,确立标价转送零售商规定。

Interestingly, this is not the first Japanese high-tech device dedicated to fighting body odor. Last year, NextTechnology unveiled Hana-chan, a toy robot that designed to faint if it detected foul body odor, and Konica Minolta launched a device that monitored body odor and connected to a smartphone to alert users when they started to stink.有趣的是,这不是第一家着眼于应对体臭的日本国新科技企业。上年,NextTechnology企业发布了一款起名叫Hana-chan的设备狗玩具,这款机器人在味道深厚的体臭的时候会晕倒。柯尼卡美能达也开售了一款能检验体臭的机器设备,这款机器设备能和智能机相接,在客户弥漫着体臭时警示她们。



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